Green Binder

As part of my intern project for Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company, I decided to tackle a “green binder”– a compilation of information about green (environmentally-conscious) theater. Then I realized that printing out 34 pages of notes and tables would not only be unwieldy, but would also use a lot of paper. By publishing the Green Binder on this website, the information not only becomes more readily available but a lot more environmentally-sound anyway.

Pages of the Green Binder are listed in the sidebar, and are organized by subject: Disposal of Materials (recycling and otherwise), an introduction to alternatives as presented in the Green Theater bible Greening Up Our Houses by Fried and May (c 1994), and then a list of dangerous materials and their alternatives (again from Greening Up Our Houses). Other information comes from Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough & Michael Braungart, and from the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services web page.

Hope it’s useful.


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Announcing Twelfth Night

The CCTC’s tenth annual show, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, will be performed August 1&2, 2008, at 8pm!

Come to 3024 Cranbrook Court for a night of free, outdoor theater.  RSVP on this website by leaving a comment with your first name and the date of the show you will be attending, or call Emily Bookstein at the number on the CCTC flyer.  Thank you!

The CCTC is an amateur theater company founded in 1999, now presenting its tenth annual play.  Productions are directed, designed, and performed by local students.
Thank you for your support!

A summary of the play:

Twelfth Night is a fantastical comedy of love, deception, and mistaken identity.  Her twin brother lost in a shipwreck, Viola comes to shore in Illyria, where Duke Orsino rules.  She joins his entourage disguised as a man —only to fall in love with the unknowing duke. When Orsino asks his trusted servant to woo the fair and impulsive Olivia on his behalf, Viola finds herself pursued by the very lady her beloved duke chases.  Then, Olivia’s household creates a scheme to humble the steward Malvolio, a plot that entangles the would-be lovers and spins everyone into confusion and chaos.

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